FCC prepares the way the nationwide coming roll out of 5G: Bans the right of local government and communities to call for moratoriums, Smombie Gate | 5G | EMF

An industry telecommunications publication states that the nationwide roll-out of 5G antennas (macro and micro) in America  will require about 5 times the  number of antennas currently erected . Already communities are protesting over a massive increase in these towers. It is obvious that with such an increase in large and small cell antennas, community and local government calls for moratoriums will only increase. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), predictably running interference for the telco industry, has now banned moratoriums in relation to telecommunications equipment but local governments can appeal by October 2.

From BBK Attorneys at Law:

FCC Bans Moratoria on Communications Facilities Deployment


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Action Needed by Local Government Agencies

The FCC has banned moratoria related to wired and wireless telecommunications equipment deployment. In a party-line vote Aug. 2, the FCC adopted its Third Report and Order and Declaratory Ruling, which also creates a One-Touch Make-Ready regime for pole attachments. In addition to knowing how the moratorium ban will impact local governments, local governments have the option to ask the FCC to reconsider the Order by Sept. 4 or file an appeal by Oct. 2….SNIP

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