4. Ensuring our Children’s Safety and Future

The current US regulations for wireless radiation do not protect our children and are over two decades outdated. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and Yale and Harvard doctors have called on our government to improve radiation guidelines “to protect children’s health”. The Babysafe Project includes a Joint Statement signed by more than 200 doctors, public health experts and educators calling for pregnant women to reduce exposure.

Children absorb this radiation deeper into their brains and up to ten times in the bone marrow of their skull according to the AAP. Unlike adults, our children will have a lifetime of exposure and the long term effects could be serious.

Why wait for our government to set safety standards for children?  That could take another decade. Using technology more intelligently now protects kids now.

https://ehtrust.org/five-reasons-to-use-safe-technology/ Source: Environmental Health Trust