Here is what Olivier CACHARD*, French Professor of Law and Honorary Dean of the Faculty of Nancy, writes about the Phonegate scandal:

As we have seen previously, this was to trigger the phone gate affair tending to obtain the publication of the confidential results of the measurements made by the ANFR since 2012. This phone gate was to have three happy consequences. The first is that it led the ANFR to publish its measurement results and to strengthen the control exercised on the phones marketed in France. The second is that the ANFR regularly asks the Minister to take orders to ban the marketing of about fifteen models. The third is that ANSES has recommended a change in the SAR measurement protocol so that compliance checks are performed in contact with the body.”

This is a nice recognition for the work done, thank you!

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List of cell phones removed or updated in France since April 2018

*Source : “Le livre noir des ondes” p 277 and 278