“Show me the scientific evidence of 5G safety” states C4ST CEO, Frank Clegg, former Microsoft Canada President, challenging a Rogers Communications President Dean Provost who repeatedly stated that 5G and wireless radiation was “safe”. In his video Clegg counters that many peer reviewed scientific studies show the contrary.

On March 19, 2021, Dean Prevost, President of Connected Homes and Rogers for Business, Rogers Communications, stated that radiation from 5G systems, cell towers and antennas is safe.

Not once, but FOUR times.

In a short video, Frank Clegg, Former President of Microsoft Canada, challenges Mr. Prevost to show us the proof—actual scientific evidence in the peer-reviewed literature—that the radiation emitted by 5G and cell tower antennas is safe. In the news release announcing the video, Frank also asks for Rogers to return the $150m subsidy of taxpayer money if the evidence is not provided.

MORE INFO HERE  Letters from the US Congress to the FCC asking for documentation of 5G safety

Prevost was addressing a virtual media conference on March 19, announcing that Rogers is the successful winning bidder in the Eastern Ontario Regional Network project. The plan calls for antennas to be added to the current 300 towers and installations of 350 new cell towers. Mr. Prevost also discussed “the hundreds and hundreds of thousands of more Canadians” who can be impacted if this type of project is expanded to other parts of Canada.

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