The April 21st, 2021 action follows on from a similar action in October 2019 in front of the State Ministry of Baden-Württemberg: . As a result of this action, initial talks with high-ranking representatives from several ministries took place, but so far without any results. Now the doctors are stepping up and calling on the state government of Baden-Württemberg to use mobile communications responsibly and to talk to Minister Lucha personally.

Excerpts from the Open Letter by Doctors

“Despite numerous studies that prove the risks of mobile communications for people and the environment (1), the expansion of mobile communications continues to be pushed ahead. With the new 5G cellular standard, a technology is being introduced that has hardly been researched. No drug would ever be approved in this way! Since the end of the German Mobile Telecommunications Research Program in 2009, large studies have been published that demonstrate the cancer-causing effects of mobile communications in animal experiments.”

“Smartphones do not belong in the hands of children! We urgently recommend following the example of France and, in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, introducing a ban on cell phones at daycare centers, primary schools and secondary schools for students up to 15 years of age. Parents, children and young people must be informed about the consequences of excessive use of digital media (including internet addiction)! This is the job of politics! Your task!”

The letter calls for protections and 6 actions:

“We therefore demand from the new state government of Baden-Württemberg:

  1. The establishment of advice and reporting centers for electro-hypersensitive people at health authorities in cooperation with the medical association.
  2. The promotion of the establishment and promotion of environmental medical practices.
  3. Advanced and advanced training in environmental medicine for physicians specifically for EHS disease.
  4. A broad-based education of the population about the connection between mobile phone exposure / microwave exposure and the physical pathological symptoms typical for this, as already mentioned by my previous speaker, colleague Dr. Mästle shown. In addition, there is a loss of performance with rapid exhaustion, increased excitability, concentration, learning and memory disorders, tinnitus, reduced immune defense and many more symptoms.
  5. Creation of radio-free residential areas so that radiation-sensitive or seriously ill people do not have to continue to live socially isolated, excluded from normal social life. Radio-sensitive people are currently forced to plan every walk for everyday errands as precisely as possible in order to keep the effects of illness caused by the inevitable contact with mobile phone radiation from other people, WLAN hotspots or radio masts as low as possible.
  6. Political support to call on the responsible medical bodies to recognize EMF disease as an environmental disease caused by radio waves, instead of leaving it to psychiatry. This also includes a clearly defined diagnosis in the International Classification of Diagnoses (ICD-11 ff), which describes the environmental character in relation to radio radiation. This is completely ignored in the current definition.

In conclusion, the EU-wide law on the integrity of one’s own apartment is currently being criminally violated by massive mobile phone radiation into one’s own four walls; an unbearable condition, especially for electro-sensitive people today and for all of us tomorrow!”

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Read the full  letter and speeches by Doctors at Diagnose Funk: Banner campaign in front of the Ministry of Social Affairs BaWü by the “Doctors’ Working Group on Digital Media.” Source: Environmental Health Trust