Global Experts Speak at EMF Conference 2019 in Santa Cruz

A medical conference on electromagnetic fields and health ( is taking place this weekend in Santa Cruz California.  The conference features experts from around the world and is the first US conference of it’s kind. 

“I am delighted to be part of this long-overdue gathering of some of the worlds top experts in understanding how electromagnetic fields affect human health and what can and must be done to reduce exposures.”

– Olle Johansson, PHD Swedish Neuroscientist 

“Having medical professionals trained and educated about the biological effects of electromagnetic fields and what they need to help those that experience sensitivity is critical.”

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– Elizabeth Kelley, Director of the International EMF Scientist Appeal to the UN

“With my clinical background, I feel privileged to share my understanding of the ways that EMF influences human health. Never has there been a more important time for this new area of medicine to expand into accredited programs.”

– Dr Erica Mallory-Blythe, Founder of PHIRE Medical

“This important conference is establishing much-needed systems for training health professionals so that they understand the complex magnitude of the impact of electromagnetic fields on human health and what can be done to  prevent diseases associated with their exposure.”

– Devra Davis, PhD MPH, Visiting Professor of Medicine Hebrew University 

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Link to the the EMF Conference 

Global Experts Speak at EMF Conference 2019 in Santa Cruz