Solar panels on roof of home

When looking for a house to live in, recently, I noticed that those with solar panels made me VERY ill, within seconds. As I own a rf (radio-frequency radiation) meter (a Cornet 88T Plus), I began measuring these sorts of homes. What I found was a significant increase in rf radiation (from hundreds to thousands of times higher) inside solar homes, with no other possible sources. I am electrosensitive so I can feel the effects more – within seconds. It made me feel dizzy, nauseated, head-achy, and disoriented (with “brain fog”). I stopped going into homes with solar (and homes with solar next door) as a result. I researched the problem more and became alarmed. Little do people know that solar energy systems can be dangerous to their health, due to the EMF’s emitted. Just one of scores of health impacts can be increased cancer risk. EMF stands for manmade “electromagnetic field(s)”, such as produce unnatural electric, magnetic, or rf (microwave) radiation in the environment. Also sometimes referred to as “cell phone radiation”, high frequency rf radiation falls within the category of microwave radiation. Solar panel systems – particularly their inverters – are attributed with elevated magnetic fields, with rf radiation and “high voltage transients” emissions (aka “dirty electricity“) that travel along the wiring in the house, and some of this even travels along the electrical wiring or in the ground outside to neighboring homes.

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“In order to use the DC current the solar panels generate, you need to use an inverter that converts it to alternating current (AC). The problem is, the inverter used to generate AC is a phenomenal source of dirty electricity. I remediated mine and radically decreased the EMI generated when the inverters are on during the day. ” (Dr. Mercola)

Scientists further agree that it is not always the strength of these exposures that produces ill effects, as low level exposures can also be dangerous.  But many independent scientists already agree that EMF’s are to be avoided, as these can be harmful to everyone.

This is a concern for all those who want to purchase solar systems for their homes or already have, with the idea that these are beneficial and will help by being “green”! Even worse, the state of CA has just passed a law that all new homes must be equipped with solar., ignoring the fact that its State Department of Health has issued warnings in Dec. 2017, about exposure to rf radiation.

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What is the solution? For now, to avoid EMF’s, including unwanted rf radiation, unfortunately, it would help NOT to have solar on one’s home, nor to be close by neighbors with solar. Solar is yet another type of product marketed to us without adequate safety evaluations. If you have solar already, or still want to get it, there are work-arounds to remediate most of the EMF’s, according to those who promote these. I have no working knowledge of remediation of solar, so will not comment on that in this article.

~Director, Center for Electrosmog Prevention


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