Rose Madrone was asked how she can make a difference and she had to think long and hard about it? Then she realized that she could show how one person’s impact creates a chain reaction. So she started working on “Connectivity Project,” a film on the ripple effect of our actions. Ironically, the 10-year effort to make the project was a ripple effect of its own. Everytime the project seemed dead, something happened to give it new life until the film was fully realized.

Madrone fell into the moviemaking business. She was a botanist, which lent to her interest in interconnectedness after spending years working on hybrids and blending of herbals. But she was able to assemble a crew.

Don’t think you have much effect on the environment? Connectivity Project demonstrates how birds, bees, and butterflies — indeed everything in the natural world — are related and how a swell of individual voices can create a movement for change.

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