Step-by-step instructions on hardwiring cell phones to the Internet

Thankfully you can connect most cell phones, iPad, and many tablets to the Internet with an ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi.

Note: This will allow you to use many applications on your phone, but not all of them. Usually, you can do everything you previously did with Wi-Fi for example. Remember to put the phone in airplane mode and disable the Wi-Fi and the Bluetooth.

  1.  Get the correct adapter for the phone.
  2.  Plug an ethernet cable into the output of your router/switch and plug the other side into an adapter for your phone.
  3.  Put the device in airplane mode and be sure to turn OFF Wi-Fi, Siri, and Bluetooth.

EHT recommends limiting the use of this setup and preferring other forms of communication  (landline phone) because it still creates ELF exposures. However it will eliminate the wireless exposures and many people use this option for times when they need the ability to message but do not want the wireless radiation. See below to learn how to reduce the ELF fields. 

Here is how you text to a cell phone without a cell phone.

There are several ways that people can text to others on their computer, eliminating the need for a cell phone.

Online text to phones programs exist. For example — Sign up for a free virtual phone number and text for free to people who use cell phones.  Send images and make phone calls from your computer like Google Voice without being concerned about keeping your calls and data private.  Call anywhere in the US for free. (Note: All of these platforms have security risks and EHT does not claim to protect against these risks but simply is sharing online options.)

If you hardwire your cell phone please know the electric fields can be increased due to the wires.

An ethernet connected cell phone set up can increase electric and magnetic fields, even though it eliminates the wireless source. Liz Menkes, Certified Building Biologist states that the Foinnex lightning to ethernet adapter can convey a grounding and shares that, “It is important to use components that convey grounding in order to reduce the electric fields. Here are components that my colleagues and I have tested that successfully convey grounding.  You need all three of these components:

    • 1. Foinnex lightning to ethernet adapter.  Other brands of adapters we have tested do not convey grounding. This is the only adapter I am aware of that conveys grounding.  There may be others that I am not aware of;
    • 2. Shielded ethernet cable (such as cat 7);
    • 3. Ethernet grounding adapter kit.”

Videos make it easy

Share Source: Environmental Health Trust