How to oppose 5G “small cell” towers

Ideas from EMF Safety Network on how to oppose 5G “small cell” towers:

1. Watch for local gov’t planning dept applications for “small cell” towers, even if they deny it is 5G.
2. Educate community and local elected officials about risks of rf radiation and 5G. Even though they are unable to deny an application due to health and environmental impact reasons, they may find other reasons to deny the application, such as aesthetics, property value issues and lack of a need for the coverage.
3. Californians will want to look at this letter concerning how to legally deny small cell towers: April 24 2018 Letter to EMF Safety Network re small cells.
4. Speak at local gov’t meetings during public comments time periods. Present documented science for harmful effects.See #4 – 6 on
7. When an application has been made email the elected officials and attend public meetings to oppose or present your views.
See #8 to get ideas for a flyer, and their additional suggestions.
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