“Incongruities in Recently Revised RF Exposure Guidelines and Standards,” Environmental Research, posted January 23, 2023.

Jim Lin, a former member of ICNIRP member and editor of Bioelectromagnetics, expresses concerns over safety limits for mm waves set by the IEEE in 2019 and ICNIRP in 2020.

He writes: “The current scientific database is inadequate at mm wavelengths to render a trustworthy appraisal or to reach a judgment with confidence.”

When Environmental Research first posted Lin’s paper, it was still a pre-proof, and some edits by the author had not yet been fully incorporated into the final manuscript. A deletion, in italics below, had not been removed:

The revised guidelines (ICNIRP, 2020) and standards (IEEE-ICES, 2019) appear to accommodate business-related purposes. They are strongly linked to acute thermal effects related to measurable tissue temperature rises.