Don Maisch of EMFacts, published post ‘Beware of “False Flag” anti-5G demonstrations‘, warning that not everything what appears to be done by the anti-5G movement might be, in reality, not being done by the anti-5G activist movement…

Some might say it is another conspiracy theory but this quote, below, might make you think twice, before jumping to the seemingly “obvious” conspiracy conclusion:

“…Rag tag hastily written signs with the usual mixture of radical looking protesters. A real win for the telco industry as it effectively gives the general public the impression that concerns over 5G are in the looney bin, not to be taken seriously.

Now, if I were working for whatever professional PR firm has been tasked by the federal government to spend that $ 9 million budget to convince the Australian public that 5G is safe, this is exactly what I would do:

Set up a “rent a crowd” ( pay and dress them suitably with crappy signs and a script and then let them loose in front of a prominent parliament building and make sure the media is there in force, for a professional PR firm, working the media is a no brainer!

It is also absolutely vital to contact genuine protest groups and encourage them to join in the “protest” in order to pack out the crowd so that it looks like the real thing. The more radical the better….

Then sit back and enjoy the circus!

It is an unfortunate fact that some genuine protest groups are blind to tactics that can be used to discredit their cause. So, for people concerned about 5G BEWARE…”

Read the full post of Don Maisch here.

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