Italy Refuses to Loosen Wireless Radiation Limits For 5G 

The Italian government has halted a controversial proposal that would have weakened the country’s strict wireless radiation exposure limits.  The now defunct proposal was intended to support 5G networks by allowing a higher level of wireless RF, changing the country’s longtime 6 V/m limit.

The nationwide public  opposition was massive. 

A scientific letter was sent to the officials by numerous expert scientists. 

“Our studies, and more generally international research in the latest twenty years, have largely demonstrated that exposure to radiofrequency, even below the current ICNIRP/WHO safety standards, can cause damage to health and it can reduce the levels of well-being in the general population.” 

Download the letter by  expert scientists to the Italian government here. 

Several attempts have been made to weaken Italy’s strict limits over the years. These attempts have repeatedly failed once the public became aware. 

News reports Electromagnetic emissions, skip the raising of the limits for 5G

In the European Union, 12 states have the limit of 61 v/m recommended by the EU, 5 have higher limits and 8 (including Italy) have stricter ones. Me for Legambiente the choice to raise the level would have been “senseless”, made – according to the president Stefano Ciafani – to satisfy “the requests of part of the industry of the sector and of Asstel, but potentially dangerous for the health of the population, considering that the latest research clearly highlights how the current 6 volts per meter are precautionary». 

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