In a new press release published on 5 April 2019, the French National Frequency Agency (ANFR) announced that, as part of its monitoring of the radio equipment market and the control of public exposure to electromagnetic waves, it had sanctioned the Nokia 5 telephone for exceeding the trunk Specific Absorption Rate (SAR).

The big loser customer

The Finnish company HMD GLOBAL OY, manufacturer of the NOKIA 5 mobile phone, had to carry out, at the request of ANFR, an update in order to comply with the SAR limit value located “trunk”. Once again, it is up to the user to ensure that his phone is effectively updated, in a total lack of transparency on the part of both the manufacturer and ANFR.

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The tests were performed by the CTC advanced accredited laboratory between 20 and 27 November 2018 showing specific exceedances in 3G and 4G. In the first analysis, we are surprised at the very slight drop in the SAR level achieved during this update, from 2.24 to 1.81 W/kg. Indeed, during tests on the Dasy system, there is a known margin of approximation of the SAR of plus or minus 27%.

Nokia 5 phone

And thirteen

Since the launch, in July 2016, of our alert on the Phonegate industrial and health scandal, this is the thirteenth model pinned (in 2018) by the ANFR either for exceeding the trunk DAS or more recently for exceeding the head DAS with the Xiaomi Redmi note 5.

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