NBAA Urges FAA and DoT Action for Safe 5G Implementation – Avionics International (

A group of aviation stakeholders, including the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), is pushing the FAA, Department of Transportation, and Department of Commerce to address this growing issue proactively. The goal is to introduce a solution that allows 5G to grow while preventing flight delays and cancellations from becoming prevalent as a result of changing regulations. With only seven months before the next aircraft retrofit deadline, it’s clear these government agencies must take action quickly to prevent complications associated with retrofitting aircraft to meet new regulations.

The coalition of stakeholders, including Thales, Garmin, Embraer, Boeing, Airbus, Collins Aerospace, and many others, published a letter of concerns and requests last week, including the following message:

“We will continue to be committed to finding reasonable solutions that allow implementation of 5G while addressing safety and operational disruptions in the NAS. Stakeholders cannot do this alone and we need the federal government to codify mitigations for all airports and extend the July 2023 and ‘Power Up’ retrofit deadlines. The entire government must work together to ensure future 5G deployment is unencumbered and our aviation system remains the safest in the world. Aviation stakeholders call on the Administration to meet with us to discuss a way forward that will achieve the goal of moving 5G forward, while ensuring passengers and cargo reach their destinations safely and on time.”

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