A new book by the renowned world expert in bioelectromagnetics, Professor James C. Lin, “explains the principles and techniques of microwave physiological sensing and introduces fundamental results of the noninvasive sensing of physiological signatures, vital signs, as well as life detection. Specifically, noninvasive microwave techniques for contact, contactless, and remote sensing of circulatory and respiratory movements and physiological volume changes are discussed.”

Noninvasive Physiological Measurement Wireless Microwave Sensing

By James C. Lin

Noninvasive Physiological Measurement: Wireless Microwave Sensing, is written by a pioneering researcher in microwave noninvasive physiological sensing and leading global expert in microwaves in biology and medicine. The book reviews current advances in noninvasive cardiopulmonary sensing technology and measurement. It includes measurements of the vital signs and physiological signatures from laboratory and clinical testing. The book discusses the applicable domains and scenarios in which there is an interaction of radio frequency (RF) and microwaves with biological matter in gas, fluid, or solid form, both from inside and outside of the human or animal body. The book also provides examples for healthcare monitoring and diagnostic applications through wearables, devices, or remote contactless sensors for physiological signals and signature, vital signs, and body motion sensing. This book is an essential guide to understanding the human body’s interaction with microwaves and noninvasive physiological sensing and monitoring.

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New Book on Microwaves and Radiofrequency in Non Invasive Measurement and Health Care Applications  

Table of Contents 

1. Introduction.  2. Pioneering Investigations.  3. Microwave Propagation, Reflection, and Scattering.  4. Microwave Property of Living Matters.  5. Microwaves in Biological Systems.  6. System Analysis and Signal Processing.  7. Vital Sign Sensing: Heartbeat and Respiration.  8. Arterial Pulse Wave and Pressure Sensing.  9. Sensing of Tissue Volume Change and Redistribution.  10. Wearable Devices and Sensors.  11. Advanced Topics and Contemporary Applications.  Appendix. Standard prefixes used with units of the international system (SI) of measurements.

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