Stop Smart Meters! was founded in 2010 by a group of us to resist what was then being presented as a climate solution. Interestingly, you hardly ever hear this argument any longer as it has become clear that smart utility meters only increase energy consumption and carbon emissions. Smart meters are far from the only false climate solution being pushed by corporate interests.

Now energy industries– backed by the US Forest Service and the timber industry, are pushing another false solution in the name of renewable energy, hoping that people swallow the greenwashed lies and don’t understand that this means the destruction of wild forests (which we desperately need to absorb all the waste gases humans continue to stupidly dump into the sky!).

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Our group Feather River Action! is fighting the “Community Destruction Project”— a quarter million acre plan by the US Forest Service (Plumas National Forest) to mechanically and chemically devastate wild forest areas in the beautiful Feather River watershed using emergency authorization obtained from the U.S. congress and the Biden administration. Habitat destroyed by this project would be shipped to biomass plants and converted to wood pellets for export to Asia and the EU.

Don’t be fooled that “forest thinning” projects are anything other than industrial logging and extraction that increase wildfire threat to communities by making the climate crisis worse, drying out forests, and reducing evacuation time for communities.

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You can find out more information, links to studies, and also sign up for updates at the Feather River Action! website. Please spread the word and don’t believe the hype.