Summary of Action in the USA

State Investigations Recommend Reducing Exposure

The New Hampshire Commission to Study the Environmental and Health Effects of Evolving 5G Technology released its final report with 15 recommendations to reduce public exposure, increase transparency and strengthen federal regulations. The 5G Report recommends US federal agencies coordinate “to protect people, wildlife, and the environment from harmful levels of radiation” and states “until there is Federal action, New Hampshire should take the initiative to protect its environment.” The Commission recommendations include a public education campaign on reducing exposure, replacing Wi-Fi with wired (not wireless) networks in schools and independently funded health studies.  

Oregon’s SB 283 requires the Oregon Health Authority to review the peer-reviewed, independently funded scientific studies of the health effects of exposure to microwave radiation, particularly children’s exposure from wireless in schools. EHT will be releasing more information on this report in February 2021. Other passed state Bills to create investigations into 5G include Louisiana Bill HR 145. 

Hawai’i County, Easton Connecticut, Keene New Hampshire and Farragut Tennessee have passed resolutions to halt 5G. The Coconut Creek Florida Commission adopted a Resolution on 5G and radiofrequency radiation “imploring the US Congress to allocate funding and direct a cross discipline federal agency study of the effects caused by exposure to current and proposed electromagnetic spectrum and radiofrequency commissions on human health and the environment in light of the recent implementation of fifth generation technology and to use those findings to create science based laws or rules regarding limiting human and environmental exposure.”

Several cities are passing resolutions calling for local control of the placement of 5G and “small cell” towers as federal FCC and new state 5g streamlining laws have stripped their local authority. Greendale Wisconsin passed a Resolution R2018-20 referring to the FCC’s actions stripping local authority as “an  unprecedented attack on local control” which “threaten the Village of Greendale’s responsibility to protect the health, safety and welfare of its residents.” Oak Brook Illinois’ Resolution 2020-ITGL-R-1891 and the City of Jersey City, New Jerseys  Resolution 20-362 both call for local control. The Hallandale Beach Florida Resolution urges the federal government to initiate independent health studies on 5G. The Carmel City, Indiana Council approved a resolution asking state lawmakers, the Federal Communications Commission and Congress to limit 5G technology deployment in Indiana until the health effects are fully understood. Source: Environmental Health Trust