Want to educate and empower the next generation to make safer and smarter lifestyle choices? Look no further than Dr. Aly Cohen, who has made it her mission to create environmental health and prevention curricula for schools, hospitals, and manufacturers. She has co-authored a new guidebook on nontoxic living for the public and is co-editor to a critical integrative medicine book for physicians, both of which feature the issue of wireless radiation, as well as chemicals and other environmental pollutants.
Dr. Cohen has been teaching adults and children how to live healthier since 2006, after her golden retriever became gravely ill and ultimately died from complications related to autoimmune hepatitis. Already an autoimmune disease specialist, Dr. Cohen searched for a cause that could have made her young dog so sick and began tracking his habits, behaviors, food, and environment. She zeroed in on his favorite Kong toy and began digging through the literature, where she discovered several cases of young, healthy people who had also developed autoimmune hepatitis — while working in plastics and synthetic rubber manufacturing plants.
While not drawing a direct line between the toy and her dog’s death, Dr. Cohen has since been researching the effects on the human body from polluted air, food additives, toxins, EMF radiation, and emotional stressors. She has been educating, coaching, and empowering families to make safer, smarter choices to reduce chemical and radiation exposures, prevent illness, and optimize both physical and mental health. She specifically works with hospitals, schools, and manufacturers to make changes to reduce unsafe chemical exposure of the children and adults that they serve.
Join EHT’s Theodora Scarato as she interviews Dr. Cohen about human interactions with the 90,000 synthetic, human-engineered chemicals now used in billions of products that we put in, on, and around our bodies everyday, the vast majority of which have never been tested for safety.

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