Demand Congress Takes Action on Wireless Radiation 

On the heels of a major federal court victory,  California Governor Newsom has just vetoed a telecom-sponsored bill that would have paved the way for 5G cell tower antennas into California neighborhoods. Dozens of organizations and cities were opposed! 

Leading scientists are appealing to President Biden and the U.S. Congress to take immediate action now that a federal court has confirmed the lack of adequate review by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regarding the US FCC’s 1996 safety limits for wireless radiation. 

In August, a federal court ruled that the FCC’s refusal to update these limits was “arbitrary and capricious” because the FCC ignored the scientific evidence indicating harmful biological impacts including; genetic damage, oxidative stress, damaged sperm, brain cancer, thyroid cancer, altered brain development, memory damage and impacts to the endocrine, and reproductive systems.  Research also has revealed numerous environmental effects including tree damage, biochemical changes in plants and harm to pollinators and wildlife

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The body of science, showing harm from wireless RFR is now sufficient to trigger federal agencies to take protective action.  Children are more vulnerable because their brains are still developing and they absorb proportionately more RFR compared to adults. Yet, the FCC ignored extensive medical recommendations including letters from the American Academy of Pediatrics which recommended the FCC strengthen limits to ensure children and pregnant women were protected due to the research showing children were uniquely sensitive. 

Join EHT’s letter-writing campaign calling on Congress and your state elected leaders to support the scientists and to take immediate action. Learn more about how to reduce exposure to your cell phone and how to reduce wireless exposures at home and spread the word with EHT’s infographics and social media graphics

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