Board to Verizon: Remove cell tower

BY DICK LINDSAY of The Berkshire Eagle

PITTSFIELD — Remove the South Street cell tower, or relocate it.

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Excerpts from the article 

“The Pittsfield Board of Health personally has asked Verizon Wireless to dismantle the communications structure at 877 South St. because of a number of neighbors apparently getting sick, some seriously, from a variety of illnesses, cancer possibly being one of them.

After a meeting via Zoom with Verizon representatives last month to discuss the potential health risks of the tower, city health officials said residents shouldn’t get their hopes up that the tower will be gone.

“We flat out asked them, ‘Are you willing to consider removing the tower or relocating it?’” Andy Cambi, the city’s interim health director, said during the board’s monthly meeting Wednesday. Cambi and board member Brad Gordon, who both met with Verizon, said the communications giant will consider the request, but Gordon said “it was unlikely” it would be honored.”

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 Watch video of Board of Health Meeting Source: Environmental Health Trust