Send to Your Councillors Council, MP’s etc. police as a matter of Urgency.  We need to know who is against the people in the deployment of this illegal unlawful technology.

Download the Word template here: Letter of liability.


Dear _____________

This legal notice of liability is designed to be used as evidence in court if needed and intends to enlighten and protect you from attracting civil and criminal liability in relation to your actions and/or omissions surrounding the deployment of 5G LED technology a crime (of which 4G/LTEsmall cells smart meters facial recognition systems all life threatening and known to cause Corona virus symptoms and death especially in the older population as well as radiation burns to vulnerable groups in particular Women and Children.

This communication is to serve as information to you and others on behalf of those in community who have expert knowledge on this subject that counters the main stream false narrative and the current cover up by the BBC as well as OFCOM who have issued a number of threats to those speaking out on this subject as well as the removal of scientific data and political debate that counters their fake narrative. The epidemiological data and science shows the know link between the Corona sickness and is due mainly to the direct microwave and terahertz range transmitters from uninsurable for harm technologies that have been deployed before and during the lockdown due to the secret UN resilient cities agenda. The WUHAN 5G LED Vaccine test bed and the weaponization of 5G is confirmed.  It is a scientifically proven fact that vaccines have been contaminated with unexplainable tungsten and aluminium nano and micro particles and when exposed to the unlawful levels of radiation, in breach of the COE 1815 Resolution and the Europeam 2016 guidelines, will increase kill rates across the population putting greater numbers at significant risk of death as secondary waves are planned to cause the mass Genocide of the population as reported in military defence intelligence documents that report the murder of 55 million in the United Kingdom alone by 2025. This is the reason for the temporary mortuary’s and incinerator capacity to keep up with the upcoming death rates from increasing lethal electromagnetic radiation weapons on the population.

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The Secretary of state has a duty of care to protect the population from Non Ionizing radiation 2012 Social care act while Public Health England an agency ignoring all of the latest scientific papers, state 5G a weapon system is safe. Their position that the deployment of millions upon millions of SMART meters Street furniture radiation scanners and large MIMO transmitters will not lead to an increase in radiation exposure is beyond belief and a clear case of misconduct in public office by those espousing such an outrageously deceitful statement. The ICNIRP guidelines, a known captured agency have recently doubled the exposures to humans from Non Ionizing radiation to facilitate the 5G deployment that PHE have stated they don’t expect to increase. The thermal radiation exposure of 6 min, the ICNIRP guideline, shows how ludicrous anyone using such a guideline considering transmitters are radiating the population for 24/7 confirming that the guidelines used by Agencies does not apply to the real life exposures from 5G LED biologically toxic radiation as reported in the vast majority of the published science and now industry science led studies.

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A growing number of the population including Scientists, Doctors and Nurses who are currently terrorized by the fake main stream led narrative are speaking out across Social media against the fabricated narrative. Those growing numbers on realization of the planned Genocide of their families and colleagues will not be silenced by those behind this planned attack on this country and its people. The bad actors who carry on supporting this attack on the people and country and attempting to silence the truth will fail and it is time for you to stand up against this tyranny. Ignorance is no defence in law as you should know and the facts supporting this document are growing by the day. Your immediate response to this communication please, as well as your support so that the second 5G LED radiation waves can be halted.

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Yours sincerely



  1. Clerk to the Council- who is obliged to distribute to all councillors