RF Radiation / 5G discussion begins at 7:00 on the slidebar

NPR radio interviewed Eric Windheim, owner of Windheim EMF Solutions, on its local radio station (KVMR, about the dangers of microwave radiation and 5G, and what to do about it.

Click here to listen to the audio topic overview and interview, which begins at the marker for 7:00 (use slidebar).

(from https://www.windheimemfsolutions.com/kvmr-radio-interview-5g-network/)

Outline of the Radio Interview Discussion

  • What are the differences of 4G vs 5G?
  • Internet of Things
  • What are the health impact of high frequency network of a 5G network?
  • What is the Social impact of the 5G?
  • Florida Attorney Jimmy Gonzalez cancer
  • Technology is necessary, but we need safe technology
  • FCC & industry take on 5G; War gaming; Fox in the hen house
  • The Nuremberg Code
  • Extreme energy consumption
  • The 5G network is coming to Sacramento; What’s the impact?
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