Open Letter to the United Nations from Stop 5G International

Stop 5G International sent an Open Letter to the United Nations High Commissioner on Human Rights which covers a wide array of issues and may  prove useful in informing public officials of the numerous largely unaddressed harms of 5G.

The letter presents the many and multifaceted reasons for worldwide mounting resistance to 5G. These include impacts on health, wildlife, privacy, self-sovereignty, cyber security, e-footprint from energy consumption and e-waste, conflict minerals, Electromagnetic Sensitivity, harsh worker conditions, psycho-social effects, unquantified public subsidies, and liability.

“The telecommunications industry has chosen to ignore the science, instead spending millions of dollars lobbying governments, and on campaigns to promote 5G. There is now robust independent scientific evidence indicating this technology will prove harmful both to humans and to the environment. Increasingly, expert scientists, public health officials, and medical professionals warn of harms and are calling for a moratorium on further wireless deployment.6 7 Despite these warnings, 5G is being rolled out around the world with no premarket studies that demonstrate safety.”

“Once 4G/5G antennas and other ground-based systems are densely installed and communicating with tens of thousands of satellites and billions of “things,” sensors, cameras, devices, and transmitters of all shapes and sizes, no one will be able to escape continuous, involuntary exposure to non-ionizing radiation. The unborn child, young children, the elderly, and those with chronic illnesses, microwave sickness, or compromised immune systems will be particularly vulnerable.”

Problems from satellites include increased endangerment of global security, interference with weather prediction and astronomical research, space debris and likely collisions, depletion of the ozone layer, loss of enjoyment of the night skies, interference with wildlife navigation and orientation, dangers posed from solar flares, ever more radiation emissions, and the, as yet unstudied effects on planetary life.

All to the backdrop of no public consultation or consent.
The letter also explains that not all technology is created equal. Although the telecom industry is promoting 5G to “bridge the digital divide”, wired connections would be far superior as they are safer, faster, more reliable, energy efficient, and cyber secure than wireless.

Furthermore, a primarily wired tech future not only better preserves public health and privacy, it addresses other human rights violations and environmental problems brought on by 5G. Wired does not lend itself to connecting every “thing”, moment in time, and point in space to the internet, thus automatically reducing e-waste, tech addiction, data-harvesting, tracking, mandatory exposure to wireless radiation, EMF refugees, property devaluation, and the “need” for satellites.

The letter calls for advocacy, education, regulation, and less radiation.


  • A move toward wired technology for all as a fundamental human right in today’s world.
  • Public education about technology, including full disclosure of the health and environmental costs of a hyper-connected, predominantly wireless world, and the benefits of safer wired choices.
  • Greater regulation of industry on the placement of wireless infrastructure, and its use only where deemed an “essential service” not possible with wired connections.
  • Standard setting bodies and health organizations providing more protective RF guidelines that take into account: duration of exposure, distance from source, aggregate exposures, and the unique characteristics of every life form that will be impacted.
  • Infrastructure choices returned to local communities as they know what is best for their citizens.
  • Incentives given to industry to provide safer technology.

Link to PDF of the Open Letter to the United Nations

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