72 Organizations Send Response Letter to the European Union Officials on 5G and Disinformation 

72 organizations, dedicated to protecting public health and the environment, sent a joint letter to European Commission Officials regarding 5G and disinformation. The letter calls for 1) the elimination of bias from regulatory bodies; 2) the support of independent science; and 3) full public consultation on how best to integrate technology into our lives so as to maximize the benefits and minimize the harms. 

The October 26, 2020 letter is a response to a joint letter dated  October 13 sent from  fifteen countries to the European Commission officials on the  “increasing activity in the anti-5G movement” across Europe which warns that such activities could hinder the EU’s efforts to meet its “ambitious 5G goals.” The letter urged the European Union to create a “joint initiative on counteracting the spread of disinformation related to 5G networks and the need of public awareness raising activities.”

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The October 26, 2020 response letter counters that:

“Science is slow and deliberate, and often inconvenient and even irritating to those engaged in commercial exploitation of new products or technologies. Cigarette manufacturers were not pleased when academic institutions proved that smoking caused lung cancer. The lead industry was displeased when research showed that exposure to lead impaired brain development.”

“Similarly, the wireless industry is deeply and rightfully concerned that emerging science continues to demonstrate the ability of non-ionizing radiofrequency microwave radiation to cause biological harm, including increased risks of cancer and changes in DNA. This is especially troubling as telecoms are generally unable to secure liability insurance against claims of personal injury from exposure to radiofrequency radiation. This forces the public into an indirect subsidy of the wireless industry, without the public’s knowledge or consent.”

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“Concerns about health are not the only issues raised by the widespread deployment of close proximity 5G networks and attendant infrastructure. This new technology presents a plethora of other serious and multifaceted issues relating to the environment, psychosocial impacts, privacy, and human rights. These include our fast-growing e-footprint from the mega-consumption of energy, and from e-waste due to the manufacture and disposal of ever more (largely unnecessary) internet connected “things” and devices.”


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