From David Morrison:

SB 283 would require Oregon education, health officials to review independent studies on microwave radiation from wireless technology by David Morrison | 21 March 2019 | Currently, I have a bill that has been introduced in the state Senate that seems to be doing well. SB 283 would require the board of education and the Oregon Health Authority to review independently funded studies relating to the biological effects of microwave radiation from wireless technology in schools. It would also require schools to begin teaching kids how to use their wireless devices more safely. I have 12 sponsors from both parties…Please send a note of support to the email address below. This should be done by March 26th as the hearing is on the 27th. Testimony in Favor of Oregon Wi-Fi Radiation Exposure bill SB 283 can be sent to this email: [email protected] with following subject heading: Relating to exposure to radiation in schools in this state.

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From the Bill:

Directs Department of Education to prepare and make available statement that discloses potential health risks of wireless network technology and requires public and private schools to distribute statement to employees, students and parents or guardians of students.

Requires department to adopt by rule guidelines for including in school curricula, assemblies, open houses, meetings between parents and teachers and related settings information concerning hazards of exposure to microwave radiation and how to use wireless devices more safely to reduce risk. Requires department and Oregon Health Authority to conduct review of peer-reviewed, independently funded studies of effects of exposure to microwave radiation in schools and similar environments, particularly exposure that results from use of wireless network technologies, to develop recommendations to schools in this state for practices and alternative technologies that would eliminate students’ exposure to harmful microwave radiation and report results of review and recommendations to interim committee of Legislative Assembly related to education not later than September 15, 2020. Declares emergency, effective on passage.

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