Heather is extremely sensitive to electromagnetic fields and had taken steps to reduce her exposure inside her home. This included replacing a cordless phone with a corded phone, using a wired internet connection and turning off the wireless on her router. However, she still experienced extreme headaches, that verged on migraines, when working near the router and wondered what could be causing them.

She and her husband hired our Home Test Kit to measure the fields in their home. They checked the router and, as expected, it showed no indication of any wireless emissions. However, a few days later, while checking elsewhere, the meter registered a strong wireless signal which they traced to that very same router.

What had happened?

The router had automatically turned on the wireless function, as sometimes happens when receiving updates. No wonder Heather had experi- enced headaches when near it.

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To prevent this from happening in the future, Heather bought a Netgear ASDL2 router from Dick Smith with no wireless function. Not only did it stop her wireless exposure, but it was faster than her previous router.

Heather tried various models of wired phones to replace her cordless phones. These included a Vtech phone and two Uniden phones – one for hearing impaired users – but was not happy with the speaker function of any. She finally purchased a Telstra T800 corded phone which she found to be far superior. She wholeheartedly recommends this model to other people who might be considering replacing their cordless phones.

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Heather cautions readers with sensitivities to beware holiday locations close to Telstra Air public hotspots. On a recent holiday, she experienced severe reactions—ringing ears, pressure, headaches across the top of the skull, brain fog and pain down her arms and legs—in a unit that was 15-20m from one of these hotspots. The symptoms, she said, were much worse than those caused by other wireless exposures, especially outside her unit.

You can find locations with Telstra Air hotspots by typing in the post-code of your holiday destination at: https://www.telstra.com.au/ broadband/telstra-air

About The Author – Lyn McLean is a consumer advocate, author and educator and has been monitoring and writing on the subject of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) for over 20 years. She is the director of EMR Australia.

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