Pittsfield Massachusetts Electrohypersensitivity Day Resolution
WHEREAS, the City of Pittsfield value the diversity, equity and inclusion of all its residents, including those with visible and invisible differences and especially those that involve physical or mental impairments that substantially limit one or more major life activities;
WHEREAS five years ago, June 16, 2017 was celebrated internationally as the World’s first “Electrohypersensitivity” (“EHS”) day;
WHEREAS, EHS is a syndrome where the injured develop one or more recognized symptoms as a result of exposure to pulsed and modulated RF radiation (“RFR”);
WHEREAS, EHS is a spectrum condition. For some the symptoms can become debilitating and severely affect their ability to function;
WHEREAS, on June 16, 2022 there is a worldwide effort to raise awareness and visibility of this condition, to assure acceptance, equitable treatment, and inclusion in society, and are afforded the means to avoid nonconsensual exposure;
NOW, THEREFORE, the City Council by Resolution expresses its support for EHS Awareness Day, and joins with all those throughout the world and United States in supporting awareness, acceptance, education, inclusion and equity surrounding EHS and those who suffer from it.
RESOLVED, this 14th day of June, 2022.
Numerous other communities have passed Electrohypersensitivity Resolutions.

The City of Peterborough in Ontario, Canada  developed an information sheet to help organizations  accommodate individuals who have electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS).

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The Peterborough  document details how to limit exposure to EMF emissions from mobile devices, limit exposure to EMF emissions from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth sources and limit exposure to fluorescent lighting and older style LED lighting.

The City recommendations include:

  • Notify all meeting attendees to set mobile phones to airplane mode at the start of the meeting. Temporarily disable City owned WAP device(s) in immediate proximity to the meeting room.
  • Temporarily disable Nexicom owned WAP (Wireless)  device(s) in immediate proximity to the meeting room.
  • Provide 48 hours notice, not including weekends, to PTS and/or Nexicom, with meeting start and meeting end times.
  • Turn off or minimize amount of fluorescent lighting and older style LED lighting in the meeting room.
  • Consider booking meeting rooms with adequate windows to the exterior for natural daylighting.
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