This list is a compilation of
citations for 1,670 peer-reviewed papers about electromagnetic
fields (EMF) published in scientific journals from 1979 through 2018. The list
includes all papers that PowerWatch published on its
as of October 11, 2018.
This is not a comprehensive list
of studies. PowerWatch selected these studies from their internal database of
15,000 (approx.) scientific papers, most of which address EMF. 
has been researching the links between EMF and health risks for more than 25
years. The organization, which is completely independent of government and
industry, gathers information to help the lay person understand this issue.
For more information about PowerWatch go to:
Powerwatch recently added a search engine to its website which enables the user to search specific fields in their database for specified time periods.
This list is published on the Electromagnetic Radiation Safety website with the permission of Alasdair Philips, the
Science Director and co-founder of PowerWatch.

of Contents
Mobile and Cordless Phones (pp. 2-29) — 525 papers (P=306, N=100, – =119)
Mobile Phone Masts (pp. 30-35)
— 94 papers (P=39, N=10, – =45) 
Wi-Fi (pp. 36-38)
— 38 papers (P=13, N=3, – =22) 
Radio Transmitters (pp. 39-41)
— 43 papers (P=36, N=2, – =5) 

EEG and Brain Responses (pp. 65-67) — 53 papers (P=48, N=2, – =3) 

Electrical Sensitivity (pp. 60-64) — 88 papers (P=41, N=23, – =24)
Radiofrequency EMF Mechanisms (pp. 68-81) — 251 papers (P=185, N=37, – =29)

Powerline Frequencies (pp. 42-59) — 333 papers

Powerfrequency EMF Mechanisms (pp. 82-95) — 256 papers

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