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On October 4, 2019, in Mainz, Germany, I heard lecture by Martin L. Pall.

The lecture was full of the usual for him scaremongering that can be read in his review publications on EMF. For those unfamiliar with publications of Martin L. Pall, his first review on EMF was published some 6 years ago. Since then he published some 7-8 review papers on EMF. What is important to note is that:

  • Pall has never performed any experimental research on EMF effects, his published papers on EMF are solely reviews of experimental works performed by others,
  • Pall has never presented his “findings” in real scientific conferences such as e.g. yearly BioEM meetings organized by two bioelectromagnetics societies, he presents solely in meetings organized by EMF activists. This should make anyone wonder why, for the last 6 years when Pall begun to publish his reviews, he never went to real scientific meeting but presents his lectures solely to activist audiences.

Just two examples, of the more extreme, scaremongering comments in Pall’s lecture in Mainz:

  • in 2 years from now, if wireless networks will not be switched off immediately, people will become sterile and reproduction of human kind will cease
  • in 5 – 7 years from now human brains will degenerate to the degree that normal functioning of human brain will cease

Precisely the same scaremongering opinions Martin L. Pall has presented today, on October 8, 2019, in an event organized by Eeva-Johanna Eloranta at the Parliament of Finland.

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Scaremongering is one of the problems of Martin L. Pall’s lectures. There is no support for such far reaching claims in any to-date published research.

However, the even bigger problem than scaremongering, is Martin L. Pall’s ignorance in respect of the physical properties of the millimeter waves. The millimeter waves will be used in the near future by the 5G networks and Martin L. Pall lectures around the world on safety of the 5G.

When I heard for the first time, in Mainz, the opinion presented by Pall on millimeter waves’ penetration depth, I wondered how it is possible that Pall expresses such completely incorrect opinion.

However, he has presented exactly the same opinion in his lecture in Helsinki, on October 8, 2019.

Here is what Marin L. Pall said about the depth of penetration of the millimeter waves into human body and what justification he has for the claim.

Professor Martin L. Pall does not know the basics about millimeter waves, Smombie Gate | 5G | EMFAccording to Martin L. Pall (quote directly from Pall’s slide):

5G millimeter wave effects penetrate at least 20 times more deeply than the industry claims possible.”

The scientific justification provided by Martin L. Pall is that, there are effects of millimeter waves observed deep inside the human body, for example in brain. It means, and Pall spelled it out in his lectures, that in order to induce effects in human brain the millimeter waves have to penetrate through hair on the head,  through skin and through skull in order to reach the brain and exert effects.

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To recap: according to Professor emeritus Martin L. Pall, millimeter waves are able to penetrate through hair, skin and bone of the skull.

This is not only incorrect but this is scientific scandal of major proportions when Professor emeritus Martin L. Pall does not know properties of millimeter waves. Furthermore, his scaremongering musings about EMF and the doom of human kind (e.g. cessation of human fertility and cessation of human brain function in a matter of few years) are another scientific scandal of major proportions.

Effects of millimeter waves on brain were observed in some animal studies. US-Russian research team of Marvin C. Ziskin executed number of such animal studies. However, the effects on brain were induced not because millimeter waves penetrated into the brain, because they cannot do it. In these experiments animals were exposed on skin and in special way to avoid fur areas because millimeter waves do not penetrate through fur (and dense hair). Animals were exposed:

  • nose area that is devoid of fur
  • area of skin was shaven to expose skin
  • used animals were mutants and had no fur (so called nude mice)

This way, by exposing directly skin, millimeter waves caused generation by the skin cells of molecular mediators that were released and distributed via blood circulation to e.g. brain where the exerted some effects.

Millimeter waves can penetrate only epidermis and parts of dermis, no deeper. They can not penetrate through hair/fur, through subcutaneous tissue, through bone of skull. This is physical fact, not matter of interpretation.

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Supportive of my opinion, comment from Dr. George L. Carlo (posted on BRHP blog at 2:36am on Oct. 9, 2019) [emphasis added DL]:

Dariusz: Hope all going well. Sorry to miss you in Mainz.  Your summary slide was right on the mark.  Also, I could not agree more with you about Martin Pall’s knowledge base. This is an example of misrepresenting the science that discredits the group. I have never met or spoken with him, so don’t know if he is correctable…. Hopefully, your piece is a wake-up call.  Let’s catch up by phone some time.  G_________________Dr. George L. Carlo, Washington, D.C.


Professor Martin L. Pall does not know the basics about millimeter waves, Smombie Gate | 5G | EMFThe mentioned by George L. Carlo “…your summary slide was right on the mark” refers to the slide that I presented in Mainz and thereafter posted on social media. The slide summarized what we know about the 5G and health. This 5G summary slide is added here, to this blog post.

Professor Martin L. Pall does not know the basics about millimeter waves, Smombie Gate | 5G | EMF

Photo credit: Marc Arazi


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