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Tell Board of Supervisors to keep mini-cell towers away from our homes and schools

5G small cell on light pole

Ramona and All Unincorporated County Call to Action:

Stop 5G mini-cell towers from being placed in front of your homes

On Wednesday, Feb. 27th, the County Board of Supervisors (BOS) unanimously voted to allow hazardous high-radiation-emitting 5G “small cells”, the same as are on cell towers, to be placed on street poles very close to homes in Ramona and the rest of the unincorporated area of the County. Some may be only ten feet from your home, and many, right in front of your house, by the street. In addition to harming humans, animals, and wildlife, trees and bushes will have to be cut, causing the Sierra Club to oppose 5G, as a line-of-sight is necessary for the dangerous millimeter waves to be used in small cell wireless, which must have no obstructions. “Small cells” such as these have been measured at 50,000 times the background levels in a rural neighborhood, from across the street. The plan is to install these multiple light poles up to every 2-10 houses, or 3 to a block, with some poles erected by wireless companies to hold them where there is no current pole, throughout the entire unincorporated areas of the county. Why? In order to facilitate “driverless cars” and “the Internet of Things” that industry feels we should buy, and so they can send and collect data through thousands of products we’ll buy, invading our privacy forever. Oh, the money the wireless industry will make! But what about US? Our health, our lives, our property, our privacy and security?

This Board of Supervisors approval occurred despite receiving extensive information about the dangers to health, wildlife, insects, trees, plant life, and property values for the past month, and meeting with a number of concerned constituents. Property values may plummet as much as 30% near these “small cells”, according to a local realtor, because people don’t want to live near cell tower radiation. She was one of 24 speakers. Two Verizon employees spoke in favor of the ordinance, which is very industry-friendly. In September, the FCC issued orders which became effective on Jan. 14th, 2019, forcing local governments to have less control over this process. Meanwhile, 5G industry leaders admitted in a Senate hearing that no safety testing had been conducted.

“Less control” doesn’t mean “no control”. The BOS could have crafted a stricter ordinance like many other counties and cities are doing, After this vote, which shocked the many speakers, Chairperson Dianne Jacob said the BOS may consider improving the ordinance in the next 180 days, and may also look at suing the FCC, as some speakers had urged. But will they, really?

I recommend you contact all five County Supervisors to let them know you want representation and to improve this wireless ordinance immediately– tell them to stand up to the FCC and sue the agency – that these 5G “small cells” should not ruin our neighborhoods and make them unlivable, or harm our real estate investments. That you don’t want small cell antennas anywhere near your homes. Ask them to tighten up this new wireless ordinance to protect the community and its property values and fight back against a federal government that has begun ordering us around locally. Tell them we have the right to protect life, health, and property.


Dangers of 5G

Why no 5G safety testing

See the BOS meeting of Feb. 27th: hear the speakers, watch the vote.

Agenda item 2, #15. Speakers on wireless ordinance 48:00 – 1:58. Vote is at end of meeting – starts at 2:35:00.

Center for Electrosmog Prevention


Protective Wireless Ordinance Ideas/Sites: Ordinance sites:………




Not sure who your Supervisor is? Check this map:…

1st District: Greg Cox

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: (619)531-5511; Fax: (619) 235-0644


2nd District: Dianne Jacob

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: (619) 531-5522; Fax: (619) 696-7253 fax


3rd District: Kristin Gaspar

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone:: 619-531-5533; Fax: 619-234-1559

Website: http://www.supervisorkristinga…

4th District: Nathan Fletcher

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: Phone: 619-531-5544; Fax: 619-531-6262

Website: www.supervisornathanfletcher.c…

5th District: Jim Desmond

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: Phone: 619-531-5555; Fax: 619-685-2662