Yet another cell phone has been pulled from the market after cell phone radiation tests-  performed with the phone close to body- show the phone violates the legal radiation limit. This smartphone is priced between 800 and 900 euros and tested at nearly double the legal limit. France has been testing cell phone radiation levels for years and is calling for radiation testing to be in body contact positions, the way we use phones today.

The first withdrawal of cell phones from the market due to cell phone radiation levels dates back to April 2018, with the 100,000 Hapi 30 phones marketed by Orange, followed by the Neffos X1 TP902 (May 2018), the Echo Horizon Lite (Oct 2019), and the announcement on 20 May of the withdrawal of the Razer Phone 2 devices.

“Almost all phones would be illegal if they were tested against the body,” stated Devra Davis, EHT President. “This is an enormous international scandal. This is not only about France and Europe, as this applies to all persons who use cell phones in every country.  Far more concerning is that the regulatory limits do not protect the public from adverse health effects related to long-term exposures,“ Davis commented, pointing to studies performed by the US National Toxicology Program found glioma and DNA damage increased in rats exposed to long-term cell phone radiation and Yale research that found increased thyroid cancer associated with cell phone radiation.

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“Ricocheting in headlines throughout France since 2016, Dr. Marc Arazi and his colleagues have coined this situation as “PhoneGate” because of the parallels to “Diesel Gate” – the Volkswagen emissions saga.” Davis, PhD explained, “Volkswagen cars passed diesel emission tests when tested in laboratory conditions, but when the cars were driven on real roads, they emitted far more fumes. In the same way, every one of these cell phones ‘passed’ laboratory radiation SAR tests. These phones are legally considered compliant. However, when these phones are tested in the ways that people actually use them in real life, such as in your jeans pocket or bra, the amount of absorbed radiation emissions in our bodies violates the regulatory limits.”

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May 2020- The National Frequency Agency (ANFR) of France issued a press release on the recall and withdrawal of the RAZER PHONE 2 mobile phone, following ANFR checks on the cell phone radiation SAR levels for the “ trunk ” as the authorized regulatory limit was exceeded.

The trunk cell phone radiation measure of SAR  measured 3.29 W/KG at 5mm from the body. The limit is 2 W/kg. As Environmental Health Trust and Phonegate have repeatedly warned  that cell phones violate cell phone radiation regulatory limits at body contact.

If the Razor was tested at 0mm from the body, we would expect the radiation measure would be even higher than 3.29.

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Razer Phone 2 Recall For High Radiation Levels: PhoneGate