Resources to Take Action on 5G Small Cell Streamlining Bills

3157 is a federal streamlining  bill fast tracking through the uS Congress that will pre-empt state and local government authority in regards to 5G small cells allowing 5G  “small” cell antennas to be built in neighborhoods – in front yards on utility poles, street lights and buildings. It also will restrict rates that government can charge despite the fact that cell installations are shown to decrease property values of homes!

Environmental Health Trust Resources on 5G

Environmental Health Trust has compiled several key resources to ensure policy makers and governments have the scientific resources they need. Please take the time to review this list as well as the linked 5G organizations. .

Over 200 scientists and physicians who have researched the biological and health effects of radiofrequency radiation have signed the 5G appeal, calling for a moratorium on the use of 5G technology.

MORE INFO HERE  Magnetic Electromagnetic Fields In Your Home: Building Biologist Eric Windheim Interview on Safe Havens In a Toxic World

Please note that Petaluma California officials passed policy that will restrict these 5G small cells in front of homes. Read about this here. 

*To start- please see our NEW Factsheet on 5G and Health. This factsheet is hyperlinked to scientific resources and key facts. 5G Factsheet in Color, 5G Factsheet in Black and White

Youtube playlist of Scientific Presentations on 5G

Youtube playlist of News Reports on 5G ad Health and Community Opposition

Scientific Research on 5G and Cell Towers

Research on Cellular Radiation, EMF and Bees

Research on Cellular Radiation and Wildlife

Please watch these videos and share these videos.

MORE INFO HERE  French Court Recognized Electromagnetic-Sensitivity as an Occupational Disease

Youtube playlist of More Scientific Presentations on 5G

Cell Towers

Overview of Cell Tower Health Effects

Research on Cell Towers and Health Effects

Bees, Butterflies and Wildlife

Impact of Cell Towers on Property Values

American Academy of Pediatrics on Cell Towers

Letters from Doctors on Small Cell 5G in Neigborhoods

Firefighters Oppose Cell Towers on Fire Stations

Insurance White Papers on Impact of Wireless on Health

Cell Towers at Schools

Cell Tower Companies Warn Shareholders of Risk but not People Living Near Their Towers or Useing Their Products

Insurance Company Exclude Electromagnetic Fields as a Standard

Study Found Damage in Human Blood

FCC Limits are Non Protective

5G Technology

Cell Tower Worker Safety Issues

Other Critical Websites on 5G and Small Cells.

MORE INFO HERE  Phone mast at Cobh GAA club refused planning over proximity to houses

MyStreetMyChoice on Small Cells and 5G

Physicians for Safe Technology 5G Resources

International 5G Appeal

EHTs 5G Factsheet

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Resources to Take Action on 5G Streamlining Bills