1. A conversation on a mobile phone should not last more than 2 minutes, and the minimum pause between calls should be at least 15 minutes. It is much safer to write text messages than to hold the phone near your ear.

2. Hold the handset of the mobile phone at a distance from the ear, for its lower part and vertically. The attenuation of radio waves occurs in proportion to the square of the distance traveled, therefore, by moving the tube away from the ear by just a centimeter and thus increasing the distance to the brain by half, you can reduce the power, radiation exposure to the brain, four times.

3. It is better to bring the tube to your ear after answering at that end. At the time of the call, the mobile phone operates at its maximum capacity, regardless of the communication conditions in the given place. At the same time, 10-20 seconds after the start of the call, the radiated power is reduced to the minimum acceptable level. It is pointless to put a phone to your ear also because the first long beep does not appear immediately.

4. Many children often send SMS messages or are excessively addicted to games built into cell phones. Such regular and prolonged tension on the growing hand and fingers can cause various disorders of the bones and joints. In addition, while playing, the child is forced to examine a small image, looks at the backlit screen for a long time, all the time at the same distance from the eyes. This is a serious strain on the eyes and can have a very negative effect on vision.

5. It is recommended to remove glasses with a metal frame during a conversation: the presence of such a frame can lead to an increase in the intensity of the electromagnetic field affecting the user.

6. It is not recommended to place mobile phones near you while you sleep.

7. Do not constantly keep your mobile phone with you, for example, in your trouser pocket.

8. Contacts with a mobile phone should be limited, especially if this is not necessary.

9. It is better to carry a mobile phone in a bag; you should not keep a cell phone for a long time on your chest, belt, or chest pocket.

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