In a statement, dated November 23, 2022, the French General Directorate for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Prevention (DGCCRF) revealed major breaches by distributors of mobile phones and connected devices (the list has not been made public).

Indeed, these companies are required to display on their products, since July 2020, information about the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) values. This being mandatory on every device emitting electromagnetic waves – not just cell phones, as was the case before.

61% of checked SAR displays, considered as abnormal

However, checks carried out in 2021 by the DGCCRF revealed the absence of display in many cases. Worse, investigators discovered non-compliant displays, some showing a value of zero, which is technically unfeasible.

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Thus, 270 institutions out of the 470 visited were considered abnormal, like 61% of the devices checked. The investigation ultimately resulted in 212 warnings, 53 summonses and 8 fines.

For Dr Marc Arazi, president of “Phonegate Alert” NGO :

“DGCCRF work is essential, insofar as it will force distributors to comply with the law. However, in light of such alarming results, we call on the government to opt for stricter regulations, in order to protect the health of all mobile phone users, both at national and European level.”