Stand By for Next Call to Action ~ Terrible Telecom Bills Advancing to California State Senate

Two New Fast-Track Bills in California Threaten Neighborhoods — Other States Will Follow

Two BAD Wireless Telecom Bills NEED OUR ACTION !

AB 965 “Deemed Approved” Bill
AB 1065 “Greedy Telecom” Bill

CA AB 965, titled Local Government: Broadband Permit Applications, allows wireless companies to intentionally dump dozens of antenna applications on local governments at once, creating new and unreasonable permitting obligations. Ask for a NO vote.

  • AB 965 requires local authorities to process and approve up to 50 small cell antenna applications at a time or automatically have them be deemed approved if not acted on within the narrow “Shot Clock” window of time established by the FCC.
  •  AB 965 does not consider the reality of diverse needs inherent within local communities throughout California. It will hinder local government’s efforts to protect the public health and safety.
  • AB 965 is unnecessary. The FCC has already established shot clocks and local governments have already been working collaboratively with the industry and have improved processes while maintaining important local safeguards.
  • AB 965 is promoted as a solution to the digital divide. The truth is, wireless broadband, especially the kinds of basic services offered to low-income families, is notoriously slow, unreliable, and unable to meet the demands of present and future digital communications.
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CA AB 1065, titled Communications: California Advanced Services Fund is a government hand-out to the unregulated and highly profitable wireless industry. Ask for a NO vote.

  • AB 1065 will provide funding for the increasingly massive rollout of wireless installations and take it away from the much safer, more reliable and energy-efficient option of WIRED internet connections.
  • AB 1065 will allow companies that provide wireless infrastructure to apply for FFA (Federal Funding Account) funds. Wireless companies are currently ineligible for FFA funds (allocated at two billion dollars).
  • CPUC regulators have determined that WIRED connections are technologically superior to wireless, and will provide much better access for the communities this program hopes to reach.
    • Wireless will set the state back in terms of climate change management because wireless uses an exponentially greater amount of energy compared to WIRED fiber.
      —Explosion in electricity consumption up 460%!
      An increase in carbon footprint from 6 megatons of CO2 in 2012 to 30    megatons in 2015 alone!
      —Up to 90% of this carbon footprint comes from wireless access network technologies, page 83 – Reinventing Wires.
      -Energy consumption is growing at an unsustainable rate, possibly doubling every two years.
  • Wireless facilities placed in neighborhoods are shown to have a negative impact on property values.
  • Wireless facilities increase the risk of fires.
  • Wireless facilities seriously impact the growing percentage of the population with disabilities related to radiofrequency radiation (RFR) exposure.
  • Fiber to the Premises (to each home) offers greater capacity, predictable performance, lower maintenance costs, and a longer technological lifetime than wireless technologies. Fiber service is not degraded by line-of-sight issues and is not affected by capacity issues.
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Urge a NO VOTE on both these Bills! TAKE ACTION by June 13th! These bills will be heard before the Senate Energy, Utilities, and Communications Committee on June 20, and comments in the portal are due the previous week, which is June 13th.

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