The FCC wants to set new rules for allowable human exposures to the higher electromagnetic frequencies that will be used for 5G. The FCC has released a written document with all the technical details and opened up Docket 19-226– an online database that shows all the documents sent to the FCC on their proposed new rules.

FCC’s new proposal will extend the regulations to higher frequencies all the way up to 3 THz. In addition, the FCC wants to include lower frequencies down to 3 KHz. In summary, the FCC wants to extend permissible human exposures to a much wider range of electromagnetic frequencies. 

You can go to the FCC Docket 19-226 HERE. 

EHT is compiling some of the recent submissions to the FCC proposal.

Ronald Melnick, PhD Comments on the FCC’s Proposed Rule (Docket No. 19-226): “Human Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields”

  • “I find it shocking that the FCC document lacks any discussion on how health effects of RF radiation, other than tissue heating, impacted the proposed rule. Surely, the FCC is aware of the numerous health effects studies at frequencies and modulations that have been used for wireless communication and that there are no adequate long-term health effects studies at frequencies above 6 GHz, which are included in the proposed rule.”

Professor Tom Butler A Review of the Health Risks of Radiofrequency Radiation Employed in 5G Technology and the Implications for UK Policymaking, submitted to the record  by EHT

Dr. Albert M. Manville “I strongly recommend FCC open up the process to public review and move to conduct the necessary studies to answer these the many troubling questions about the safety impacts of 5G. Let sound science be the primary driver in this effort. Respectfully submitted, Albert M. Manville, Ph.D., and Certified Wildlife Biologist”

Dr. Cindy Russell of Physicians for Safe Technology has submitted extensive testimony with references on non thermal effects from wireless radiation.

Dr. Marc Arazi for Phonegate Alert submitted a Table of cell phones withdrawn or updated in France due to excessive cell hone radiation levels. 2