The California State Legislature has introduced two dangerous bills, AB537and SB556, which, if passed, would strip away local control over the deployment of wireless telecommunications facilities, including 5G antennas, in public rights-of-way. Over half the states in the US have passed these industry friendly 5G streamlining bills.

The new CA bills are very similar to a bill  that was ultimately vetoed in California in 2019 – SB 649.  EHT compiled extensive resources from that 2019 fight that can be used to stop AB537 & SB556.  For example, numerous doctors, scientists, and California Cities opposed SB 649. See a list of letters, videos and news stories  on this page documenting the strong opposition.

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This bill is going to the hearing committee APRIL 19th!! Submit your comments in opposition to these two bills as soon as possible.

ACTION TO TAKE: BEFORE NOON, APRIL 14TH SB-556 will be heard before the Senate Energy, Utilities and Communications Committee on April 19.  


Send comments through this “Position Letter Portal   link. However if you are writing your own Senator it’s good to do both. Contact your Senator: Link Also contact your local city government. Send them a copy of the opposition letter from the League of California Cities so they can send their own official letter.

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 To be included in the Committee analysis, letters in support or opposition of a bill must be submitted to the Committee five (5) business days prior to the day of the scheduled hearing on that bill.

Go to the out the “Position Letter Portal” FAQ page for everything you need to know about how to successfully submit your letter of opposition.


“SB 556 “Street Light Poles, Traffic Signal Poles, Utility Poles, and Support Structures: Attachments” is an attempt by the telecommunications industry to undermine local authority while making no meaningful progress towards closing the digital divide in California’s unserved and underserved communities.” Opposition by League of California Cities: Link

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