1. Directors of public health several have been served with letters before claim, confirming their responsibility as public servants to stop the increasing all-cause mortality rates, that they are currently ignoring while profiting local Councils incineration and burial services.
  2. Democracy is under attack as we have just witnessed the removal of a democratically elected prime minister for another globalist actor, pushing the political carbon neutral agenda to physically and psychologically harm you (terrorism), make sure your MP knows you know and serve them with LBC so that they cannot ignore you anymore.
  3. Social media recent Court case in the USA will reveal the attack on freedom of speech part of the cover up of the planned cull, hopefully the criminals blocking the truth will face justice
  4. MAGNETEERS (VACCINE INJURY MAGNET TEST) we have growing numbers of groups across the country, maybe a few Christmas party games will wake people up.
  5. https://www.saveusnow.org.uk/product/sun-t-shirt/ It’s a symbol not a T Shirt.
  6. Evidence of the human rights crimes are mounting as every day goes by with every scientific and epidemiological study confirming all of our thoughts on how dangerous the 5G LED bio weapon deployment has become, they won’t be able to continue the cover up of the body count as the death cult agenda will start to touch most families across the World.
  7. Energy cost increases are a scam, through profiteering fabricated data attacking the economy causing false inflationary pressures across the World. This problem effects everyone as the Net Zero terror plan attempts to force you into the sterilization electric vehicles to harm you and you’re Children. Share this information with all of your contacts on social media and through e mails as our platforms and e mails suffer maximum censorship.

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