Expert Forum on the Impact of Cellular and Wireless Radiation Exposure 2020

Tel Aviv University 10th-11th February

Department of Public Policy

The FCC recently reaffirmed its 23-year old standards and test methods governing exposures to electromagnetic (EM) radiation originating from Cellular and Wireless sources, despite recent science demonstrating non-thermal effects, including increased cancer risks from the National Toxicology Program, and evidence of reproductive risks from the Cleveland Clinic and others.  As this ruling will directly influence standards in Europe and in Israel for the rollout of 5G, a scientific review is timely and necessary.

We invite you to present your latest relevant work to a specially convened interdisciplinary scientific and policy a symposium to be held on 10th and 11th of February in the Department of Public Policy of Tel Aviv University.  To facilitate exchange of ideas, please send links or pdfs of key findings or publications from  relevant work that you will present to the forum that can be shared on a public posting, or indicate if you want this to be password protected.

The purpose of this meeting is to present, discuss, compile and evaluate scientific evidence for non-thermal effects from the exposure to EM radiation at the levels currently allowed. Our intention is that there be a reliable set of scientific data available to policy-makers who face the demand to formulate regulatory and other options in the absence of definitive technical information.

This meeting is at short notice and self-financing.  We cannot offer financial support, but we do hope that you will view this subject as importantly as we do.  We understand that not everyone will be able to attend. To this end we are set up for Skype and Zoom presentations as well and would ask in your response to indicate whether you are familiar with these technologies and able to use them to share slides.  

Dr. Paul Ben Ishai 

Ariel University

Dr. Devra Davis

Environmental Health Trust/

The Hebrew University 

Dr. Ronit Justo-Hanani

Tel Aviv University

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Tel Aviv University: Expert Forum on the Impact of Cellular and Wireless Radiation Exposure 2020