Telecommunications Act needs repeal (Voice of the People)

by Catherine Kleiber, Watertown Daily Times, Jan 20, 2021

Dear Editor:

The Washington Spectator published an exposé article titled “Wireless Hazards” ( that anyone using wireless technology should read so they understand how the industry has compromised the regulatory agencies and how inadequate the FCC regulations are.

Our family filed an Amicus brief in the Environmental Health Trust ( lawsuit against the FCC for ignoring the majority of the submissions in their docket (both scientific and experiential) which show that the FCC limits on radiofrequency/microwave radiation emitted by wireless technology are completely inadequate to protect public health and the environment. You can read our Amicus brief and Exhibit B which quotes from over 100 of the comments filed by individuals injured by radiation from wireless technology at

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The common thread of the comments is that anyone can become over exposed and then injured.

Don’t wait for this to happen to you or your family. Visit the Solutions page at for a list of steps to minimize your exposure to this hazardous environmental pollutant. You can also learn from others or post your successes at #SafeTechChallenge. An important step is to wire your communications and keep all wireless devices off except during emergency use.

Gov. Tony Evers will be markedly increasing funds to increase broadband access. Let both Governor Evers and your WI state legislators know that you want that money only to be spent on wired broadband initiatives.

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Wired broadband is safer, faster, more reliable, more secure, at least 10 times more energy efficient, and more environmentally friendly.

Section 704 of 1996 Telecommunications Act has been interpreted as preventing local governments from stopping installation of wireless base station antennas as long as the antennas comply with FCC limits for wireless radiation.

Call your national Congressional Representative and Senators and ask that they repeal Section 704 of The 1996 Telecommunications Act so that communities can once again protect public health and the environment from the hazard posed by cell towers and 5G and WiFi base station antennas.

Take action today!

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Catherine Kleiber Source: Environmental Health Trust