Eleven celebrities and ultra wealthy residents up in arms over Richard Gere pitching a 130ft cellphone mast on his rural New York hotel property have been revealed. 

Bedford, New York – located 50 miles north of New York City near the Connecticut border – is home to many A-list celebrities, including actors Matt Damon, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, fashion designer Ralph Lauren, chef Martha Stewart, and businessman George Soros. 

However, as the town barrels through the approval process of constructing a 130-foot cell tower at the Bedford Post Inn, which is owned by Pretty Woman actor Richard Gere, a few other wealthy residents aren’t happy, including Jerry Seinfeld’s sister Carolyn Liebling and long-term residents Kathleen and Chris Mara and Kate Mara and Rooney Mara.  

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Gere, 73, agreed to the tower earlier this year, after being approached by Town Supervisor Ellen Calves in June. Town residents wanted the tower to be located in a ‘less intrusive’ area and Calves said commercial property is considered just that by ‘town code.’ 

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