Thousands of independent studies show that cell phones, WiFi and other common electronic devices that emit EMFs (electromagnetic fields) — like appliances and smart meters — are poisoning our environment, harming our children and contribute to a long list of serious illnesses.

In fact, the cell phone industry’s own research shows that cell phone radiation can cause cancer. Studies also suggest that children, the elderly and pregnant mothers are particularly vulnerable.

However, there are ways to mitigate the damage and protect your health and live WELL — despite the onslaught of electromagnetic pollution.

People commonly report improved sleep, more energy, deeper relaxation, clearer thinking and less anxiety when they eliminate or significantly reduce their EMF exposure. Additionally, reducing EMF toxicity can positively impact those in recovery from autoimmune diseases, cancer, genetic health challenges, brain conditions and unexplained chronic health issues.

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Don’t miss Theodora Scarato on JULY 16, 2021, covering the following topics:

– Health risks and adverse biological effects of 5G.

– Why regulation and exposure guidelines are outdated or non-representative of real-life situations.

– How you can say no and take action against 5G in your neighborhood. Source: Environmental Health Trust