Pity Facebook! The gargantuan cartel stands charged inside and out with manipulating and monetizing the heartbeats and minds of billions. Missing so far from public consideration is another undeniable characteristic of our increasingly digitalized worlds. The billions of devices on which WhatsApp, Instagram depend all rely on two-way microwave emitting devices that have never been tested for safety, especially for youngsters.
On the cusps of major holidays, federal agencies typically put out news dubbed “throwing out the trash” that slip under the public radar. Just before Christmas of 2019, the U.S. Federal Communications Commissions (FCC) quietly unleashed its determination to continue relying on 25-year-old safety standards for two-way microwave radiating devices. The agency asserted that phones, cell towers and even the yet-to-be devised network of more than a million new 5G antennas can all safely be evaluated by standards developed when those technologies were not even on the drawing board.
The Courts normally assume federal agencies are competent. But not in this case. Of course, agencies are free to disagree with submitted evidence. But they are not free to ignore it altogether. They must prove that they have actually read and considered the materials received.

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