The National Cancer Institute (NCI) has not done any scientific review of the research as stated numerous times in official correspondence to Theodora Scarato as well as Councilwoman Denise Ricciardi of the New Hampshire Commission on 5G stating “the NCI does not make recommendations or issue guidelines.” 

The NCI submitted a short submission to the FCC void of opinion on safety other than the recommendation that they appreciate that “the FCC’s interest in continuing to work closely with NIH and other federal agencies with expertise in public health for guidance and expertise on this matter.”

The FCC tried to use the NCI webpage on cell phones as proof of safety by cherry picking a quote from their webpage yet the NCI has been clear that “Neither the literature reviews, nor the fact sheets, make safety determinations.”“The literature reviews I describe above are not intended to establish or evaluate standards or set or evaluate recommendations.” 

Read documentation of emails by the NCI stating the above here. NationalCancerInsituteResponsetoMCPSparentInquiryaboutMontgomeryCountySchoolsStatement

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