Mask wearing health risks and resolution using the law

Human rights laws

  1. Wearing a mask can cause a reduction in Oxygen and increases Carbon dioxide to the lungs harming the brain, vital organs as well as increasing Bacterial pneumonia symptoms. Oxygen reduction can detrimentally effect the immune systems function while increasing fungus infection in and around the mouth, nasal passages as Oxygen has reactive properties to attack pathogens. There is a heightened possibility that the legionella bacteria found in the mouth may enter the lung and this can prove to be life threatening especially due to recent do not resuscitate protocols in hospitals. (DNR)
  2. If your company or authority have requested you to wear a mask, ask them for the actual written directive as we have lots of evidence that common purpose agents are driving these agenda’s without any confirmed written protocol. You will require confirmed company policy documents as evidence for future legal actions of the symbolic Satanist mask wearing agenda. Make sure your company or authority have an actual written protocol and it’s not just word of mouth instructions.
  3. If you have any medical reason not to wear a mask then you should not wear one until you seek medical advice from a registered Doctor make sure you show the Doctor this document.
  4. You will need to request what the mask is made of and its country of origin, some masks are contaminated and some of the materials they are made from are toxic. We currently have no data on these certain fibres & materials entering the lung over long periods of time, we didn’t know about asbestos until it was too late either and which is further reason to confirm what entity is either mandating or coercing you to wear a mask as this could constitute an assault on your person.
  5. Recent scientific evidence shows that those who have been victims to corona virus, gain immunity and as the science shows this is as good as getting the untested uninsurable for harm vaccine that carries all of the life threatening side effects and deaths that are now emerging from this illegal unlawful government experiment. Mask wearing could actually stop a healthy person getting the virus and building their own immunity to the corona virus leaving them at significant risk to more virulent strains.
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The fact that the mask wearing is Satanic in its origin, it could be stated that under human rights legislation due to your belief that you are been coerced into a Satanic ritual against your will, which is a breach Article 9.  A number of scientific facts that the mask wearing has no scientific or health benefit to the wearer or the community at large and could not stop any virus if it was proven there was a virus would suggest that the real reason is either to breach Article 3 to degrade and humiliate the population on behalf of an elite who know and are driving the real hidden agenda.

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Make sure your company directors and executives have this document sent to them. Make sure you keep all records of this either by e mail or other in the event that they want to carry on with the mask wearing charade. Get responses to confirm receipt of this document as they will prove to be crucial.

The fact that you have sent this document to them will reduce their defence in any later court case brought by you and others due to any harm caused by wearing their masks as the scientific evidence grows and shows that continuous mask wearing is harmful, degrading and extending the current outbreak as well as causing more sickness across the population at large.

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