The Research Summaries by Dr. Lai include published scientific study references and abstracts that are updated to 2017, replacing the 2014 files. We have expanded the number of downloadable research summaries to include abstract collections on neurological effects and on comet assay studies, and provided new graphics on “Effect vs No Effect” studies.

The new and updated downloadable files include: 1) RFR Research from 1990-2017 (1013 pages), 2) ELF-EMF Oxidative Effects Abstracts (110 pages, 186 studies, 3) RFR Oxidative Effects Abstracts (103 pages, 200 studies), 4) ELF-EMF Comet Assay Abstracts (24 pages, 46 studies), 5) RFR Comet Assay Abstracts (40 pages, 76 studies) 6) Graphic Percent ‘Effect vs No Effect’ Oxidative Effects and Comet Assay Studies; 7) Electrohypersensitivity Abstracts 2017 (50 pages, 111 studies), 8) RFR Neurological Effects abstracts (167 pages, 325 studies) and 9) Graphic Percent ‘Effect vs No Effect’ Neurological Effects studies.

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These are invaluable resources that can are searchable by key words. They identify the relevant peer-reviewed, published literature that reports on biological effects of non-ionizing radiation (ELF-EMF and RFR, and static field studies).

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