Distinguished US Government Scientists (recently retired) Document Serious Risks From Current Levels of Wireless Exposures

Christopher Portier PhD 

Christopher Portier PhD, a longtime US government scientist now retired, submitted a comprehensive review of the scientific research in a major cell phone/brain cancer lawsuit where he concludes that “The evidence on an association between cellular phone use and the risk of glioma in adults is quite strong” and “In my opinion, RF exposure probably causes gliomas and neuromas and, given the human, animal and experimental evidence, I assert that, to a reasonable degree of scientific certainty, the probability that RF exposure causes gliomas and neuromas is high.”


The 176-page expert report with 443 references was prepared for the plaintiffs in a major product liability lawsuit, Murray et al. v Motorola, Inc. et al., filed in the Superior Court for the District of Columbia against the telecommunications industry. The plaintiffs in the case are suing the telecommunications industry for damages because they developed brain cancer after years of using a cell phone by holding it up to their head. Most of the plaintiffs have passed away. Court dates are set for Murray et al. v. Motorola July 12-23, 2021. 

Chris Portier PhD was the Director of the United States National Center for Environmental Health at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, and the Director of the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry. Prior to the CDC, Dr. Portier was with the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences for 32 years where he served as the NIEHS Associate Director, Director of the Environmental Toxicology Program, and Associate Director of the National Toxicology Program. He is one of many US governments scientists issuing expert opinions on the scientific evidence showing harm. 

Dr. Linda Birnbaum 

Dr. Linda Birnbaum, recently retired as Director of the National Institutes of Environmental Health Sciences of the National Institutes of Health and Director of the National Toxicology Program (NTP).  

“The NTP studies tested nonthermal levels of RFR for toxicologic potential including carcinogenic activity and relied on controlled chronic exposures to levels of RFR that do not significantly increase temperature…Overall, the NTP findings demonstrate the potential for RFR to cause cancer in humans.” – Dr. Linda Birnbaum in Amicus of Joe Sandri August 5, 2020 

Dr. Ronald Melnick 

Dr. Ronald Melnick,  National Institutes of Health Senior Scientist (28 years) who led the design of the National Toxicology Program (NTP) studies on cell phone radiation.

“The NTP studies clearly show  that non-ionizing radiation can cause cancers and other adverse health effects.Prior to the start of the NTP studies, it was assumed by the industry and the regulatory agencies that radiofrequency radiation could not cause adverse health effects other than those due to tissue heating. So we designed this study to investigate if non-thermal exposures would cause health effects.  In the NTP studies, there was clear evidence of cancer development and other adverse health effects at non thermal exposure levels. In the US, the FCC limits for human exposure to radiofrequency radiation are based on the assumption that only thermal effects can cause harm. The NTP studies prove this assumption of safety is not valid… All new wireless technologies, including 5G, should be adequately tested before their implementation leads to unacceptable levels of human exposures and increased health risks.” – Dr. Ronald Melnick 

Albert Manville PhD 

Albert Manville PhD, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Biologist for 17 years.

“There currently are well over 500 scientific, peer-reviewed papers addressing impacts of non-ionizing, non-thermal radiation on laboratory animals — many of the studies directly applicable to human health and safety.  I’m coauthoring a detailed scientific paper on these impacts. When I worked as a wildlife biologist for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service for 17 years, I collaborated with the late Dr. Ted Litovitz in 2000. Dr. Litovitz and his colleagues studied the impacts of low-level, non-thermal radiation from the standard 915 MHz cell phone frequency on chicken embryos.  In their laboratory studies, control/non-treated embryos suffered no effects, but some of the treated/irradiated embryos died — at levels as low as 1/10,000 the normal level of cell phone radiation exposure to humans. This was an eye-opener! The findings were published by DiCarlo and others in 2002 in the Journal of Cellular Biochemistry. Meanwhile, I worked closely with colleagues from Europe, including Balmori, Hallberg, Everaert, and Bauwens on the impacts of cell towers on wild migratory European birds.  The results of their field research were equally astounding. Where healthy, breeding bird populations had persisted, once cell towers were installed and operating, nest and site abandonment, plumage deterioration, locomotion problems, reduced survivorship, and death were noted in House Sparrows, White Storks, Rock Doves, Magpies, Collared Doves, and other species. This was documentation in the field of some very troubling consequences of the impacts of cell tower radiation on wildlife.”

2020 Statement from Dr. Albert Manville on the FDA Report on Cell Phone Radiation

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