Volunteers and Families Needed For Groundbreaking Study on Children’s Health and the Environment: The CHIRP™ Study 

Our friends at Epidemic Answers have an important research project called Documenting Hope that aims to better understand how the environment and our daily choices impact our kids’ health.  Part of this project involves a study called CHIRP™, (Child Health Inventory for Resilience and Prevention), which is a private, online survey for parents. 

The Documenting Hope research initiatives are under the direction of Principal Investigator and Pediatric Neurologist and Neuroscientist, Dr. Martha Herbert.

What is the CHIRP Study?

The CHIRP™ Study (Child Health Inventory for Resilience and Prevention) is part of a not-for-profit research initiative led by Principal Investigator, Martha Herbert, PhD, MD of Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital affiliation.  The study is an IRB-approved online survey to collect information about the totality of modern living and how it impacts our children’s health.

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The study asks parents of children ages 1-15 to participate in a private, secure online survey that collects critical data about children and their development, medical, social and environmental health history. (The survey covers what children in the U.S. are eating, their chemical exposures at home, their exposures at school, EMF exposures, industrial sites nearby, their medical history, consumption of medical products, prenatal and preconception health of parents, family medical history, and so much more.)

Interested in registering for the study? 

Study registration link :

Watch a video of Beth Lambert sharing information about  the study.

CHIRP Study 1 minute video from Beth Lambert on Vimeo.

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Volunteer Opportunity!

Epidemic Answers is asking parents to volunteer a few hours of their time (ranging between 3 and 6 hours) to protect the health of current and future generations of children.  You can volunteer by participating in Epidemic Answers’ CHIRP™ Study

Here’s how you can volunteer:

If you are the parent of a child between the ages of 1 and 15, take the survey!  It takes a number of hours to complete, but you don’t have to take it all at once.  It’s online, secure and your information is totally private and will be de-identified (personal identifying information is removed). Get started by filling out this form to see if you qualify to take the CHIRP survey!

If you do not have a child between the ages of 1 and 15, we need you to help spread the word! Please share with your friends, followers, colleagues and more!

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Study registration link :

A synopsis of the study can be found here: