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One of the prime reasons for the 5G rollout is its supposed ability to make autonomous vehicles a reality by removing the imperfect human element.Well, so far, Tesla’s efforts to create the perfect driverless car are not going so well, according to Consumer reports. It seems that Tesla’s Autopilot artificial intelligence is on a par with a drunk driver way over the limit….



From Consumer Reports

Tesla’s Navigate on Autopilot Requires Significant Driver Intervention, CR finds that latest version of Tesla’s automatic lane-changing feature is far less competent than a human driver


Tesla recently updated its Autopilot software to allow certain cars to automatically change lanes. The automaker says it’s an attempt to make driving “more seamless.” But Consumer Reports observed the opposite in its own tests of the feature, finding that it doesn’t work very well and could create potential safety risks for drivers.

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Tesla added the update to its Navigate on Autopilot feature last month as part of a promised upgrade to its package of driver assist features. To use it, a driver must first turn it on, essentially giving the car permission to make its own lane changes. A driver can cancel an automated lane change that’s in progress at any time by using the turn-signal stalk, braking, or holding the steering wheel in place.

In practice, we found that Navigate on Autopilot lagged far behind a human driver’s skill set: The feature cut off cars without leaving enough space and even passed other cars in ways that violate state laws, according to several law enforcement representatives CR interviewed for this report. As a result, the driver often had to prevent the system from making poor decisions…SNIP


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